Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's amazing how marginalised clouds are. Grey clouds are a bad signal, a metaphor for grim times. When all's nice and sunny, that one cloud is cursed for being a blot on the otherwise flawless countenance of the sky. So much for a silver lining. A clouded vision is dangerous, clouds socialising by gathering is a bad omen and them getting charged, through no fault of their own, thanks to Coulomb's and Faraday's laws, and giving rise to lightning makes them big-time thugs. And don't even get started on rain- clouds bear the brunt of the criticism when the air around them doesn't want to cooperate and precipitate. If they had thoughts, the first thing they'd think about is disappearing altogether. Not that it's in their hands. To use a terrible pun, they can't even pee by themselves. All the Captain Planet elements- Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart (you can continue reading once you've put your fist up in the air and said "Go Planet!"; or, finished the theme song and smiled to yourself)- hate them. For sanity's sake, I repeat- all the Captain Planet elements hate clouds.

Yet, the gods choose them as their abode. Gods are nice guys.

P.S.- I looked up "precipitate" in the dictionary for secondary meanings. Oxford's primary meaning for the verb form- cause (something bad) to happen suddenly or too soon.


Anonymous said...

I live in a perpetually cloudy city. Want to exchange places?

Amit... said...

I don't know what brings you to blog about precipitate. It's got nothing to do with what is going on all around. A far off guess is, It's Thomso and it is 'precipitating' women. That doesn't even make sense, but since when arbit posts were supposed to do that ?

The One said...

Only thing I can see is that a different literary style is precipitating in geek's blog. Good or bad... a nice change ... :)

Shrey Banga said...

I somehow usually restrain myself from these arbit posts but reading a post sans motive is always a pleasure, whatever may have precipitated them.

Murty said...

@ Raps

Nope. Meesa has Jal and Jaggy D in Roorkee. Thomso 09 will gonna rock. Rather was had rocked.

@ Dang

I know. There're very few posts of mine which have just that one label- arbit.

@ Chussa and Bang Bang

Thank you, thank you! :)

Shreyas said...

Your posts seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

Anonymous said...

Shreyas, this probably has something to do with skirts getting shorter and shorter in R-land. If I am not wrong, the posts from now on will cover 1.5 metres of parchment. Till the next Thomso.

Anirudh Arun said...

What Shreyas said...
How would we appreciate fair weather if we didn't acknowledge the grey kings of the sky?

Murty said...

@ Shreyas

Moore's law, my dear minion :)

@ Raps

Point. I'd never seen hot-pants anywhere above Delhi before this past weekend.

@ Kondrews

That's the sad part- the clouds are almost exactly like The Dark Knight, if you see what I'm hinting at.

The Decayed Canine said...


You forgot Cloudbursts and cloud computing. Both good things.