Sunday, April 24, 2011

Through the bubbly froth

The incoherence of the early-morning toothbrush conversation never manages to mask the potency of the words it carries. So as a mumble through Pepsodent’s light pink replies to my Colgate Total’s utterances, I’m resigned to another Monday morning beginning with chana-halwa. Almost four years of the same may have dampened my resolve to disregard its presence on the weekly menu, but haven’t broken into my stubborn dislike for black grams and the accompanying oily mud patch. As (to Ma’s utter surprise) I finish the daily ablutions and proceed to pray to the many Gods adorning my dusty shelves (which almost made her faint), I sincerely hope that there is some semblance of taste in the breakfast that follows. Back home, there’d be Ugadi Pacchadi, a dish with six different tastes symbolising the different emotions we’d experience through the coming new year. The mess keeps to its word and emotions in being as stoic as inhumanly possible, and off I am for the last set of mid-term examinations I expect to take.

The euphoria from the World Cup win was, quite obviously, yet to die down, despite the looming spectre of IPL 4. Facebook display pictures still hadn’t lost their “Bleed Blue” badges, which disgustingly kept reminding one of sanitary napkin advertisements. Nor had the Computer Centre forgotten our raucous celebrations after the win, with the huddled chairs in front of the biggest computer screen we had still in their respective places, including those two traitorous ones who were watching United’s miraculous comeback at West Ham on another live stream.

The month-long gap between those final mid-sems, and the ultimate end-semester exams would see a whole bunch of farewells, valedictory functions, photo-ops and other general sentiaap. I couldn’t help but wear my favourite emoticon through it all. :-/
Jynja says that emoticon sometimes looks like someone brushing his teeth. I love this guy.


Anunaya Jha said...

I just realised, yet gain, you write beautifully!

Saagar said...

Can this be an emoticon?
And nice post.

Murty said...

@ Anunya

@ Leftoo
We'll have to try that on someone with dimples. Or The Joker.
And Thankoo, to you too!

Anirudh Arun said...

This is the third time I've heard it from you... I've got to taste this Ugaadi Pacchadi, and see for myself if it ranks above allam and co in hadduland's fine inventions.


hello ,your blog is god

Vikesh said...

It's been long since I read your blog. I am mostly off the blogosphere and you don't advertise your posts on status messages et. al. Anyhoo, continuing the emosion of the above comment - Good post!

Murty said...

It isn't about the taste(s). It's the taste of tradition, if I'm allowed to get metaphorical here. :)

Thank you! I shall get back to advertising when I feel I'm worth it. :)

@Random Brazilian Lady
My oh my.