Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of big cats and rotting dogs

It’s amazing how sometimes you discover the most amazing things around very late. I discovered Sultans of Swing to be my favourite song after almost a year and a half in R-land, almost four years after I really got into English music. Another such example sits comfortably on a plank, balanced on the chair in front of me. I came to know of Tiger biscuits’ magic only in eleventh grade- at least a decade after it reached the peak of its popularity, not putting down its popularity now. At four bucks a packet, it is almost insanely cheap for a most satisfying snack. I just went by to the canteen to buy five such packs. For a change, after almost a full six months, I went to the cooler to fill a bottle of water, too. I’m finally living in my room. Now, all I need to do is pick up those fat books and start preparing for classes- I’ve been nothing short of atrociously poor this semester, and that isn’t saying much considering how bad my last four-monther was.


It’s also amazing that when you discover some amazing things or people at the right time, they don’t seem to last too long. I met Kaptaan only in the latter half of my first year here, and he left, finally, at the end of that eventful year. The friendship, respect, awe, fun and frolic those four months brought are some of my most cherished memories from the insti so far. Awe was the word for Njan Van Kalip and ARK- two of the most complete people I’ve ever met. It’s another even semester- meaning in a little over hundred days from now, many people I’ve bonded so brilliantly with shall be packing their bags for that hubbub that is the world, leaving behind memories I’ll always associate them with...


He was the first one who said to me that he actually liked reading my blog- for it was idiosyncrasy personified! He passed on so many legendary tales from his long time here- of people raising the bar high into the sky, of buildings going from zilch to zenith, and of incidents that had shaped what is status quo. He introduced me to corners of the insti I never imagined seeing, and to a plane of thinking I thought existed only in books and sages. Above all, he was great fun to hang out with. And I hope I gave him some useful advice myself. Best part- fellow Man United fan! Ole to that! To quote Douglas Adams with a Haddu touch,so long, ra, and thanks for all the fish!


P.S.- CBRI canteen rocks!


Saagar said...

A bihari farewell would be
So laang, and thanks phaar aal thee phiss.

Abhishek Bangrania said...

lol nice way to offend people. . .big cats?. .rotting dogs? :D
btw GanGa canteen rocked last year and it will keep on rocking in the coming years as well, even when it is in your so-called "gaon" :x!. .its even much much better than Azad's :P
P.S. Whenever I post a new comment, by mistake i do it from my another account which i hate doing, thats why i had to delete the upper one. Hopefully you mind that! :P

Incomprehensible Idiot. Eternal Dreamer. Talkative Toon. Murty. said...

@ Faccha

It wasn't meant offend people. If it did, it isn't anything new, is it?
Also, I'm not intending to start canteen wars or anything.
As for the deleted comments, I do get to read them anyway so it doesn't make much of a difference.

And you hope I mind that? For your satisfaction (?), I do.

The Decayed Canine said...

Am I being eulogized? Already? For pity's sake!
Oh by the way, "It’s amazing how sometimes you discover the most amazing things around very late." sounds very much like the intro line of Kung Fu Panda. You know, the 'Legend has it...' one.
Also, rotting?! Man. I need to do a PR checkup... :D

Incomprehensible Idiot. Eternal Dreamer. Talkative Toon. Murty. said...

@ DC

I thought you were leaving then. Had no idea you'd be delaying it more and more! It's not a eulogy, anyway.

And oh, my apologies for the error in the title... it should've been 'rotten dogs'! :P